Story of the Week #7 — “The Proposal” by Amelia Jane Nierenberg

In the spirit of having been published this week by Burningword Literary Journal, I figured I would review a story in the July 1 issue. This flash fiction story by Amelia Jane Nierenberg hits rather close to home for me. Read the story here. This fantastic little piece manages to capture the essence of my … More Story of the Week #7 — “The Proposal” by Amelia Jane Nierenberg

Five Sentence Fiction: “Greyhound Genetics”

Wrote up a short story for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. The one-word inspiration for this week: “home.” Greyhound Genetics My old man suffers from an acute case of wanderlust. We’d never stayed in one place for more than four years at a time before building our own home and “settling down.” That was eight … More Five Sentence Fiction: “Greyhound Genetics”

Good news!

I learned yesterday that my short story “How to Dye Window Treatments” is going to be published in the online magazine ObsessionMag (check them out here or here). Sweet beans! I’ll be sure to upload a link when one appears.

Six Sentences Prompt

I was given the prompt to write a story in six sentences or less. Here is my attempt. The girl grew up on the “west” side of town. The average middle-class white kid either thought he was the reincarnation of Jack Kerouac or a bullet-addled thug; his parents thought themselves the only people who had … More Six Sentences Prompt