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Blah blah, professional banter . . . Along with a master’s degree comes a period of transitioning into the workforce, which might take some time . So I’m taking this opportunity to expand my professional freelancing career. Take a look and if it sounds like you need my help, let me know!

First, the qualifications
I am qualified to copy edit, proofread, and do comprehensive edits (including structural and big-picture) on just about anything you can think of: novels, poems, short stories, news articles, blog posts, play scripts, literally anything. I have worked with Post Mortem Press, a small press based in Cincinnati, for the last three years, first as Editorial Intern and then as Associate Editor. My job consists mainly of doing edits on accepted manuscripts; I have edited over 25 novels here. I also have extensive workshop experience in a classroom setting, which has enabled me to hone my critiquing skills.

I also have three years of experience as a writing tutor at Northern Kentucky University, where I saw any and all kinds of papers and projects cross my desk. If it has words, I can read and edit it.

Take a look at my LinkedIn page for further info and for my work history. (Blather, blather, self-promotion, etc.)

Who needs this?
Anyone! More specifically, anyone who writes stuff and plans to sell it. Novelists, poets, short fiction-ists, academics. I will also look at resumes and cover letters.

How does this work?
My process is simple. I create a style sheet with basic rules and parameters that I always follow, such as grammar and punctuation rules, how to spell certain tricky words, and style guidelines. Then, I work my way through a manuscript (no matter how long it is) and mark places where the author needs to look more closely at his or her own work (using Track Changes in Microsoft Word). After this step, I send the marked manuscript to the author, and we have a discussion about the edits. If we disagree on any of the edits, we work together until we find a solution that the author is happy with.

Rinse, repeat. Until all are satisfied, nay, jubilant!

Let’s get in touch!
Email me at elizabeth.jenike@gmail.com for more information and for pricing quotes. The price depends on the project — I will say, however, that my rates are competitive. You won’t find a better copy editing experience for less.

How to contact me:

Email me: elizabeth.jenike@gmail.com

Hire Elizabeth Jenike on Freelanced.com


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