Workshop Wednesday: I guess I’m doing the dang thing again

It’s time to finish this novel. … More Workshop Wednesday: I guess I’m doing the dang thing again

Blog collabos with @sophsbadgaming: Tortilla soup

I made soup! Well, more accurately, I helped my friend Soph make soup. Over on her food blog,, she has been making recipes that she either finds online or that someone gives her. So far, she’s made a LOT of desserts — and she’s phenomenal at it. She’s made Oreo balls, coconut-raspberry crumble, red … More Blog collabos with @sophsbadgaming: Tortilla soup

On Joy

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— Elizabeth Jenike, April 10, 2019 Something I’m trying to explore more deeply and define more clearly: joy. ‘Joy’ and ‘happiness’ are sometimes used synonymously, but to me they’re not the same. Choosing to ‘be happy’ is not something we all have the power to do. Merriam-Webster defines joy as: emotion…

we’re here.

Originally posted on roam:
If two roads diverged in a yellow wood, ideally, you’d be traveling in pairs. Someone could take one, someone the other, and you could meet back and report what each road was like. Or maybe you’re wandering through the woods in groups of three, or seven, or twelve. Maybe someone takes…