More food and fun: White potage curry udon

My cooking routine continues with a delightfully savory dish and fantastic friends. … More More food and fun: White potage curry udon

Blog collabos with @sophsbadgaming: Tortilla soup

I made soup! Well, more accurately, I helped my friend Soph make soup. Over on her food blog,, she has been making recipes that she either finds online or that someone gives her. So far, she’s made a LOT of desserts — and she’s phenomenal at it. She’s made Oreo balls, coconut-raspberry crumble, red … More Blog collabos with @sophsbadgaming: Tortilla soup


I went on a mini-rant on Twitter on Friday about how I feel about music. I know I’ve waxed poetic about this before. (Try here, here, or even here. Or here. I sure do write about that a lot.) But I realized Friday morning that the songs on my writing playlist don’t necessarily make for “relaxing” … More Wild.