NaNo Prep: A List

The way I see it, here’s what I need to get done before November:

  • Reread my novel (currently at 65,000 words) and refamiliarize myself with these characters and their voices (I’ve been away for an embarrassing amount of time).
  • Outline (even if it’s vague) the rest of the book ON PAPER. It’s in my head, but it’s not helping anyone there.
  • Get my profile back in shape. You all can follow me on there as the month progresses. I’ve set my “goal” at 50,000 words — not sure that much will be necessary to finish the novel, but it gives me a goal in any case.
  • Create talking points for future blogs and secret audio projects about writing.

Right now, I’m playing a lot of Animal Crossing, crocheting little pumpkins, and working on said secret audio project. But the month is young!!

Also adjacent to my NaNo plans:

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