Spring has come to Chicago!

I walked outside my apartment this morning and was greeted with the glorious knowledge that spring has finally crawled out from under its blanket of snow. I love winter and snow and everything that comes with it, but I am so ready for it to be warm outside. Even now as I sit at my desk before beginning work, the sunshine is streaming in through the window and the sky outside is the prettiest blue. I think I’m going to enjoy warm weather in this city.

Spring has brought with it a couple exciting developments in my life. Since beginning this job as a content writer two weeks ago, I’ve learned some things about myself and reaffirmed some other things I already knew.

I learned that I can do this thing called Being An Adult, and should probably stop treating it like an alligator I’m prodding with a ten-foot pole. This is what I’ve wanted for so long — autonomy. It’s scary as shit, but what isn’t?

I have also learned that I love where I work. We’re all nerds here. I met a fellow Ravenclaw (who proudly proclaimed she was a Ravenclaw) and a whole conversation was had last week between four of us about the Oxford comma. Like, what. I could talk about the Oxford comma for days, and I think I’ve found a workplace full of people who share that trait.

Things that I’ve reaffirmed: before I started my job I proclaimed that even though I will be writing all the time all day every day nonstop until my fingers bleed on the keyboard (not that much of an exaggeration), I will be writing and thus will want to continue my personal pursuits as well. I was right. I haven’t written anything substantial yet, but I did write and edit a poem last week and think about some story ideas, so . . . Yeah. It’s working.

I want to see if I can write a short story this week, or two. We’ll see. I can’t wait to get to working even harder.

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